Yesterday, Instagram released their version of web profiles, spreading the experience of their vintage-inspired photos to all users of the Internet, not just mobile users. And it might just be beneficial to fashion bloggers.

Find out everything you need to know to use Instagram’s web profiles to your advantage here…

What’s different and what’s familiar:

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram may have had something to do with the way the company decided to formulate the layout, as it’s not far off from what we’re used to seeing on Facebook’s Timeline. A large header covers the top of the page, along with a smaller profile picture on the lefthand side next to your username and description, as well as “following” and “follower” information. Beneath your Instagram photos will be laid out in a grid-like formation based on when they were uploaded.

The difference, however, is in the ever-changing element of the header, as the mosaic of photos are in a constant state of flux, which adds a fun way to showcase your “artistic” shots.

What you need to know about Instagram web profiles:

  • You can access your account by typing in[username] into the URL.
  • Furthermore, all components of the mobile app are present, such as commenting, following, and liking photos, but with a larger format for better desktop viewing.
  • Web profiles will only boost user engagement; despite the rising trend of mobile devices acting as mini-computers, there is still a large demographic that relies on desktops to view the web. The aim is to expand the amount of people who can engage with Instagram photos outside of strictly mobile.
  • If your Instagram account is set to public, anyone will be able to see your web profile, including those who are not Instagram users.
  • All of your Instagram photos will be added to the web profile.
  • You cannot currently upload photos from your computer, web profiles are currently only meant to showcase your mobile-made photos.


>> Source: (heartifb)