In the today’s world, customers are only one click away from the products they want. With having so many products offered, online venders struggle to get their attention. It is all about who offers a better value for the customers. Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using tactics to help you increase traffic and sales on your site.

Post high quality and Premium contents

The characteristic of the content you post will define how the customers notice your online store. Avoid posting spam and boring contents and don’t send too many emails. Instead, put your focus on informative and useful content tailored to your brand. Product demonstrations, reviews, and gifts ideas is something that has a great value for the customers.

Give Coupons

Please love to get free or discounted price for their purchase. Everyone like to get promotional staff time to time. If customer loyalty is what you are looking for, then this something that you should try. There are different kinds of coupons that can be used. However, the most commonly used ones are:

  • percentage-based discount,
  • dollar value discount,
  • free shipping,
  • or free gift.

Are you wondering about which one to apply for your products? It’s simple: if your product costs more than $100 , use percentage-based discount. If the price is higher, a dollar value discount is a better option.

The advantages of implementing discounts as a part of your marketing strategy are significant. They are easy to implement and track, which means that the results can be measured effectively.


It means that you should offer additional goods to your existing customers. The best way to do this is to offer complementary goods to the ones that are already bought. Customers will find this helpful, as they do not need to spend time to look for products. A good example for cross-selling is offering a matching bag for the shoes that were bought.

Reliable testimonials

About 85% of the buyers trust the testimonials and reviews of products online. And this is a good chance for you to increase the sales. Allow your customers to share their satisfaction on your site by building a feedback system. This will make your potential customers more secure about buying the products.

Integrate Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social apps, with over 500 million users per day. This is an excellent opportunity for your business, as it can help you increase the sales. Customers can easily connect with your brand via Instagram. All you need to do is to consider the following things:

  • Post engaging photos
  • Take advantage on hashtags and use them strategically
  • Find the people that are interested in your products
  • Use the “Swipe up” option to introduce purchase link in your Instagram stories