Structured Wiring Solutions

Our Highly Trained Technicians will assist you to create an stable and reliable network. Your Local Structured Network Solutions Provider

Commercial Solution

Looking for a reliable provider of commercial network and structured wiring solutions? Look no further than Marloo Creative Studio. We offer a wide range of services, from rack installation to server setup, to help you get your business up and running.

Residential Solution

Transform your home into a smarter space with just one tap. Go beyond the basics of turning on and off lights – use lighting automation to create custom scenes or reduce energy costs! Whether it’s new construction, remodeling, or an existing house – we can turn any residence into a connected haven. Features of lighting automation in a smart home:

  • Customized scenes
  • Occupancy or vacancy sensors
  • Beautiful design and convenient keypads and mobile user interface
  • Integration with alarm and other automated components in the house
  • Reliable and solid platform

Some of the services we provide for commercial clients are including:

Server Room

  • Server Room Design
  • Rack Installations
  • Structured Cabling
  • Rack Configuration
  • Server Configuration 
  • Server Maintenance 
  • Server Up Running
  • Server Monitoring 

    Fiber Cabling

    • Fiber Design
    • Fiber Installation
    • Fiber Terminations


    • CCTV Solutions
    • Intruder alarm
    • Door entry systems
    • Access control

    Data Cabling

    • Cable Removal
    • Cat5E & Cat6 Cabling
    • Cable Terminations
    • Cable Clean up
    • Switch Installation 
    • Router Installation 

    Data Cable Wiring

    Keeping your renovations running smoothly, quickly and cost-effectively starts with pre-wiring. Residential projects should especially be cautious of this step as trying to run cables after construction could mean cutting into walls or ceilings – not ideal! Commercial buildings may have more leeway in delaying wiring until the finished project is revealed but it’s still recommended to get ahead of cable needs before drywall installation for best results.

    Data Cable Termination

    Struggling to determine which network cables were installed by the builder? We’ve got you covered! Our experienced technicians possess top-of-the line tools for identifying and terminating those wires, plus patch panel and wall plates capabilities. Simply put: we can diagnose your present cable situation then properly install Cat5e or Cat6 jacks in each room – all done with maximum accuracy so that you know exactly where every wire is running from start to finish.

    Crimping RJ45 Connectors

    Get your Cat5e and Cat6 cable terminations crimped to the highest industry standards. We’ll top it off with thorough testing of both T568A or T568B connectors, so you can confidently take on all internet traffic!

    Network Wiring 

    We’ll get your internet connection humming in no time by cutting the cord, linking up all the wires to your switch and/or router, then powering through a do-over of network set-up.

    Patch Panel Installation

    With a variety of shapes and sizes, patch panels are all designed specifically for 19″ U rack installation. Choose from wall mountable horizontal or vertical racks, patch panel cabinets, floor standing towers or server cabinets – the options go on! For smaller wiring tasks you can opt to use mini route patches or surface mounted boxes instead. Whatever your set-up needs may be there’s something perfect for everyone out there in this techy world!

    Server Cabinet Installation

    Maximize your space with our selection of versatile network and server cabinets! Our options range from slim to full-sized, featuring glass or perforated doors for added visibility into the cabinet’s contents. Plus, we’ll handle delivery and installation so you can get online in no time.

    Mesh Wifi Network Installation Service

    Make sure your tech runs its best with a mesh wifi network! Let us help you set up the perfect system – strategically placed through your space, either hard-wired or wireless. Whatever works for you! Don’t be left behind on the latest in connectivity; make sure all of your devices are connected and running optimally. Get reliable WiFi today!

    Traditional WiFi Setup

    Say goodbye to dead WiFi spots! Don’t let the size of your home stop you from having great wireless coverage. Now, with mesh WiFi systems available there’s no need for extra access points or range extenders that require manual switching between router and point – bringing true convenience into our homes.

    Mesh WiFi Setup

    Amplify your WiFi coverage for maximum connectivity with a Mesh WiFi system. With multiple mesh points and extended range, you can create one big network that syncs up automatically to give you the strongest signal from any direction – no matter where in your space it’s coming from! Get connected to optimized speeds now by building an expansive home internet setup tailored just for you.

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