A Logo for a company is vital. Thus, designing a logo for your company is as important of a task as any other task at hand. Because that logo will be the showcase of your brand, this logo should be different from others and be prominent to create a good effect.
The first thing you need to understand is your logo is the first image that will come to people’s mind when they will connect with you. So, it has to be impressive.

Don’t be scared, it is actually easier than it sounds. You just need to choose some fancy fonts or a symbol, dip it into some colors and voila your logo is ready. Let me show you some of the things before you create your design.

Match it:

Make it reliable for your brand. Choosing just a random symbol or fonts won’t be helping you. Actually, it can give an impression of your business. So, be sure that the design you have in mind is relatable to the personality of your brand. Also, it makes you come out from other people. Once you achieve that the rest task is going to be as easy as pie.

Find it:

Now, that you have understood the character of your brand, do some research on this. If you already have a clear vision in mind then very good, if not, then go to online and search for your symbols. Inspiration can be found from anywhere. Just like the Apple logo, that is so famous now. The bite mark of the Apple logo stands for “byte”, to have a unique pun in it.

Look for Your Competitor:

As said before, learn what your company stands for and then make a logo. You can also take inspiration from your competitor for this. You can take ideas from the good logos as well as the bad ones. Just see how they are doing and what kind of customers they are attracting.

Choose Your Style:

Now comes the hard part, choosing a design for your logo. It is especially hard because there are quite a few of them to choose from.
There is the Classic design which allows you to give your brand an authentic look. It also gives your brand a powerful look and helps you to reach for a large amount of audience.
The Vintage look is very popular because of their look they remind you of the good old days and evoke a nostalgic feeling. If you want to connect to your customer on an emotional level, you must use this style.

The Modern look is actually a very simple design crafted with minor details to give a fresh look.
The Fun look is good. This is for the people who have a fun side to them. These designs can be created by some quirky cartoons or doodles. It will surely be popular with the young customers.

The Handcrafted design works the best for artistic people. They look simple yet elegant and people can be connected with these designs easily because of their simplicity.

Finding all of these in one place is quite tough and especially when there is so much competition out there. But here in Toronto Branding and Web Design, we create the best logo suitable for your brand to give the aesthetic look. Just give us the responsibility we’ll handle the rest. Please feed free to review Marloo’s recent Branding and Logo Design Portfolio.